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    Laws of the site!



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    Laws of the site!

    Post  Valerie on Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:07 pm

    i know i know rules suck but hey they're necessary. i promise XP

    (1.) Time and space based powers are not allowed.

    (2.)Instant regeneration, telepathy,and telekinetic abilities can and will be limited.

    (1.) Reserved ranks will be saved for a maximum of 4 weeks, if you are not active, put an absence post or you have failed to at least fill out half of an application held for the reserved rank it will be open for the taking.

    (2.)Yes if your character trains hard enough through rp you can be strong enough to challenge a rank higher than yours to get the rank.

    (3.) you can also upgrade in your ranking level if you defeat someone of higher rank.

    Leader positions

    (1.)if you want a high ranking character you have to prove that you're worthy of the ranl by pming one of the admins given them an rp sample explaining how you plan to use your abilities in have to at least get 2 approvals from the admins.

    Ranking System
    the ranking system is based of rp skill and ability

    S-strongest rank you can get, you have the power level of a race leader

    A-Second strongest rank you can get, gives you the power level of a second in command

    B-Power level of a General

    C-power level of a lieutenant

    D-power level of an elite

    E-Power level of a person with some potential

    F-Power level of an average.

    G-you're below average and if you don't get some serious training done, you'll get your ass seriously kicked in battle.

    and finally...(i doubt anyone would get this low) theres

    H- you can't possibly be any weaker than this and if you are you might as well have your character making sandwiches for everyone because in this rate i got two words for you: You're screwed

    Members will get kicked/banned for..

    Chatbox Rules
    1. Harmful sexist jokes will NOT be tolerated.
    If you are only playing around, sure, then have at it, as long as no one takes offense. If it harms someone else in some way, appologize.
    a. Warning
    b. Kick
    c. Temporary Ban from the CB
    d. If it continues on, you will be banned from the site for a certain set of days.

    2. Badmouthing someone else's religion, again, will NOT be tolerated.
    Religion is religion. It's like race, you don't badmouth it.

    3. Spamming is also not allowed.
    Posting the same thing over and over and OVER is annoying. So please, don't spam. Honestly it annoys everyone. Again, the above punishments will be taken into effect.

    4. Cursing profusely. No.
    As I understand that most of my sites users do not act like this, I still must warn you all not to do it. Especially towards other users. That is a big no. Ah, and the biggest swear I do not want to hear in my cb is the word "Nigger". My grandfather says it and I wrinkle my nose at him for it too. I NEVER want to see or hear about someone saying it. Again... punishments above.

    5. Sex in the CB. Again, no.
    Kissing and hugs are as far as you may go. No farther. The punishments are less severe for this but I still do not want to see anything more then a kiss or hug.

    6. One more thing, Homophobes and Racists.
    If you're a homophobe fine. But if there is a gay or lesbian in the cb... get over it. Seriously, no big deal. In my opinion, gay guys are adorable. And I am bisexual myself so everything works out with that.

    Other Issues:

    *disrespect against a staff or any other member

    * Harassment

    *an argument that will not end even after the three warnings if they don't stop by then they get an hour banned.

    *constant spam

    * hacking of the site is an automatic ip ban

    (1.)for topics in or out of rp we dont really care what you do there however if theres gonna be any sexual related topics or something like that please either label the topic as (MATURE CONTENT) or just take it to Pm's.

    (2.)fighting to the death topics will be looked over by a mod or admin to make sure that everything isnt getting out of hand and both people arent cheating.

    (3.)spam topics that are not in Off rpg topics will be moved to its rightful place just saying.

    (4.) Cannon characters arent allowed however you can use their faceclaims and have similarities to their abilities but first you gotta request it so we can keep track and you have to explain how you obtained the similarity in ability.

    (5.) Registering
    After you register you can head over to the character creation area and create your character. You must wait until an admin or mod approves your character before you begin to RP. Not so hard really.

    (6.) Admins and Moderators
    Do not ask to be an admin or moderator. If I think you will be good for the job then I'll make you one. Please respect and listen to all admin and moderators. If you think they're doing something unfair, pm a different admin or mod.

    (7.) Application Comments
    With applications, only admin/mods are allowed to leave a comment on the application, even if another member of the site thinks that the admin/mod is wrong, or if they think that a person’s abilities are unfair and OP and say so before a mod/admin can review the application – if you disagree with the decision you can PM that admin/mod stating that, and your reason/s why, but you can’t leave a comment on the page. Also, if an application has WIP in the title no one can leave a comment because it’s common courtesy to let them finish it themselves, and see if they realise what’s wrong before they finish, because WIP means just that – that they’re not finished.


    instead of a plot there will be events that will be suggested by the members of this site the most suggested will be listed then chosen through poll, they will last a maximum of 3 weeks before the event changes again.

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