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    Kusajishi, Neon - Aspect of Love

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    Kusajishi, Neon - Aspect of Love

    Post  Perverted Kayla Kitty on Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:05 pm


    ‡The Basics‡
    ~the beginning of creation starts here.~

    _♦_ First Name: Neon
    _♦_ Middle Name:
    _♦_ Surname: Kusajishi
    _♦_ Gender: Female
    _♦_ Age: {18} {{400}}
    _♦_ Species: Arrancar
    _♦_ Occupation: Hueco Mundo [Espada]
    _♦_ Rank: Tercera Espada
    _♦_ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


    _♦_ Hair: Dark blue, flowing down to the middle of her back. Her hollow fragment acts like a headband and separates her bangs from the rest of hair.
    _♦_ Eyes: Blue, slightly lighter then her hair.
    _♦_ Skin: Pale and creamy.
    _♦_ Height: Five foot two inches.
    _♦_ Weight: 125 lbs
    _♦_ Usual Style of Clothing: I can't describe it very well... so we'll just say when she is in Hueco Mundo she wears the clothes that Lillynette wears. And in the human world she wears various things. She even walks around in a Karakura High School girl's uniform.
    _♦_ Other: Her hollow fragment is like a headband on her head.


    _♦_ Personality: Neon, though an arrancar, seems to have more then enough emotions. As a human, she was raised to love and be kind to everyone. In her after life, that is what she finds herself doing again. Every living thing in her eyes is worthy and should be loved and treated as equals. No one truly understands why she joined the New Espada as she is not emotionless or hateful towards any race. As she has the Aspect of Love, she loves everything and is often the most hated aspect of the espada.
    _♦_ Likes:
    • Cats
    • Nature
    • Nearly everything... to be honest

    _♦_ Dislikes:
    • War
    • Hatred
    • Dogs

    _♦_ Bad Habits: Hating herself, though she loves everything else.


    _♦_ Date of Birth: {Month and Day}
    _♦_ Time Origin: 18th
    _♦_ Origin World: Earth
    _♦_ Parentage: Masashi Kisajushi {Father; Deceased} and Mother Unknown
    _♦_ Siblings: None
    _♦_ History: Human Life
    As a human, she was not special. Not like most people, such as Ichigo, Orihime, and Chad. She attended the original Karakura High School, back when it was just one school house and only the rich could go to school. She was the daughter of the mayor and seen as the most elegable young woman in town. When she was fifteen, her father decided that school was over for her and she was to be married. He found her a sutor, who, in turn, killed her right after they were married and collected her money from her father.
    Spirit Life
    As a spirit, Neon spent most of her time hanging around her family and friends that she had left behind. She didn't spend much time as a spirit, as her purity attracted hollows to her. She lasted maybe... two months as a dead girl before the hollows turned her into one of them.
    Hollow Life
    Neon spent maybe two hundred and fifty years as anything less then an arrancar. Hollow life was... not much more then eating the other hollows. Menos and Adjuchas were the same. There was nothign more then eating anything.
    Arrancar Life
    Neon's fifty years as an arrancar were uneventful until she reached the espada. She was not a fraccion and she nothing special in Aizen's eyes. When he died, she asked for a higher spot in the espada and was granted that position by the Espada Leaders, Alpha and Zeta. Since then, she has enjoyed her short time as an espada and finds herself wishing she were always that happy.

    _♦_ Rp Sample:Vanille skipped along through the seireitei, her curly ponytails bouncing. Her grey eyes wide and curious and full of joy. Her shinigami outfit was no where to be seen and her sword seemed to be missing, though really the bright blue sheath and silver blade was strapped to her back. Her shirt was a bright pink, barely covering any of her skin other then her breasts. An orange skirt, slightly too short, sat at her hips. Dangly earrings hung in her ears, three beads; yellow, blue, back to yellow.
    Her eyes strayed across a random hell butterfly, fluttering around in the air looking rather lost. "Ohh, poor thing. Finding your way must be difficult when your targets are always moving."
    Vanille whirled around, gray eyes watching him carefully but easily. A gentle smile planted itself on her lips and she nodded to them, enjoying a laugh as he blushed. Had she really payed much attention to his words before? No, not really. It was a bit too much for her to pay attention to when she was looking at the butterfly.
    Walking over to him, she held out her hand, "Well, Dear Hagane, it is very nice to meet you. I am Vanille, Fourth Seat of the Seventh Division."
    Vanille poked his cheeks with her pointers fingers, "Red. Oh so red, like roses. It's quite adorable actually." She giggled, motioning to the hell butterfly in the sky and answering his statement with another, "Yes. The butterflies seem to get lost often, though they usually find their way eventually. Sometimes it's only one or two I see getting lost but lately it's more and more." She crossed her arms over her chest before asking, "Are they malfunctioning? Usually butterflies do not have that type of problem but these seemed to be trained."
    Is there something wrong with peace?" Vanille asked, raising her eyebrows. She giggled a bit at how much redder he got, shaking her head and letting her pink curls flop around her head and swat her face gently. "You just keep getting redder and redder, you know? You're certainly not a rose anymore, maybe something more food wise. A beet?" She pursed her lips and frowned, "Never actually ate those myself, I find most veggies quite disgusting."
    Her gaze moved from his red face to his glasses, drawing her attention, "Say, what're those? They are mighty interesting." She motioned to them softly, being careful not to reach out and snatch them off his face.

    Neon huffed, glaring at the shinigami angrily as she stood. She swayed, her eyesight blurring as pain made her cringe. She glanced over at her companion, putting a hand on his shoulder and helping him up. "Can you walk?"
    "Yes, but you must get out of here Neon," He protested, shaking his head as he already knew what she wanted him to do. "You are the stronger of us two and he is willing to let you go. You warn Leader, please Neon."
    "No." She growled, "I want you to go. I can either finish this by death or by a win. Either way, you are getting away alive." Before he could protest again, Neon turned her glare to her companion and spat, "Go!" The other arrancar skittered off, fearful of Neon's anger. The small espada turned her gaze back to the shinigami and growled at him, "You have harmed myself and my friend, you will pay for your idiotic actions."
    Neon leapt forward, her zanpakuto unsheathed as she circled and zigzaged her way around her opponent. No, Neon was not the best espada, but she was the fastest. As she got close, she cried, "Roar, Heaven's Fire!"
    She sliced at her opponent, one of the fans catching his arm and, as she danced away, watched it explode. The gaping wound was gushing blood, the skin where the arm had been was tattered and torn. She listened to his scream and she grinned, rather bloodthirsty for the Aspect of Love. As she darted forward again, she hissed as his blade slashed a few deep cuts across her arms and one on her cheek. She sliced his leg as quickly as she could while he moved his zanpakuto around wildly. She wasn't surprised when she didn't get far enough away and found blood splattered on her clothing and face.
    "You will die, shinigami, for good." It was against her aspect, completely against it and it was against her feelings towards life... but she had been threatened and she was either going down with a fight or dying trying.
    Neon watched him fall, moving forward again and putting one of her fans close to his neck. "I will end your life quickly instead of leaving you here to suffer. You will thank me... when we meet again." <---- Rp Challenge I did.[/color]

    (note: your rank will be given to you based on ability and rp skill)

    Aspect of Love~~

    You died desperately in love. You wish nothing but to do the thing you love, whether it be to care, or if you love to kill, no matter what.

    Ability: As love you gain the ability to be able to force everyone to stick with a single thing, forcing them to need it, to yearn for it desperately for three turns, this can go so far as to force an ally to love attacking their own allies, this ability ignores any personality traits they had before this affect hits them. Can only be used Twice a fight.


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    Re: Kusajishi, Neon - Aspect of Love

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