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    Drake Nightingale

    Drake Nightingale

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    Drake Nightingale

    Post  Drake Nightingale on Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:45 am

    †Drake Nightingale†

    ‡The Basics‡
    ~The beginning of creation starts here.~

    _♦_ First Name: Drake
    _♦_ Middle Name: Narthados
    _♦_ Surname: Nightingale
    _♦_ Gender: Male
    _♦_ Age: {22} {{400}}
    _♦_ Species: Bount
    _♦_ Occupation: Human world
    _♦_ Rank: Bount Leader
    _♦_ Sexual Orientation: {Heterosexual}


    _♦_ Hair: Chin length, straight, and jet black
    _♦_ Eyes: An icy blue
    _♦_ Skin: flawless pale skin
    _♦_ Height: 5'10" [179 cm]
    _♦_ Weight: 161 [73 kg]
    _♦_ Usual Style of Clothing:
    _♦_ Other: { Tall, thin, average build, with flowing silky black hair and ghost'like icy blue eyes. Usually has a cigarette in his mouth.}


    _♦_ Personality: { Drake is usually distant and shies away from large crowds. Drake also doesn't trust anyone but his old friend, Jennifer Nightingale. Drake doesn't want people to know of his existence or identity, so he usually manipulates his powers of the shadows to blanket his face in a thick eerie shadow. His preferred fighting style is a mixture of fencing and Iaido (a Japanese martial art associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard.}
    _♦_ Likes:
    • { Books}
    • {Cigarettes}
    • {Sleeping}

    _♦_ Dislikes:
    • { Prolonged fights}
    • {Being disturbed while he’s reading}
    • {The mistreatment of other bounts}

    _♦_ Bad Habits: { He sometimes stops to think about his decisions, even in the midst of battle. }


    _♦_ Date of Birth: {November 7th}
    _♦_ Time Origin: {17th}
    _♦_ Origin World: {Earth}
    _♦_ Parentage:
    Father: John Nightingale
    Mother: Elizabeth Nightingale
    _♦_ Siblings:
    Jake Nightingale (Twin and missing)
    _♦_ History: { The early years of drake's life were fairly normal. The only thing different was he had an incredibly weak immune system due to his doll, that has been dwelling within his body since birth. But since he was always ill the man he called father took great care of him, feeding and clothing him everyday. He played and got along with the other children but soon they stopped even looking in his direction. He was hurt and asked his mother why was he being shunned. Not know what to say she looked deeply into his teary eyes and said, "My son...those boys are just jealous of your beautiful black hair and do not mind them. Besides you still play with Jenny right." As she said Jenny a smile appeared on his face "Yes mother she is my best friend and one day we will get married." His mother laughed, "Now Drake isn't it too early to be speaking of marriage." He nodded, "Yes mother," he replied and walked to his room to take a nap.

    Two years passed and Drake hadn't even spoken to any one besides his mother and Jennifer, even his father just nodded and shook his head at Drake's questions, but Jennifer, the mayor's granddaughter, stayed by him as if they had been married forever. That year went as normal but on November the second, his mother fell ill so his father decided to take care of his son for his birthday. As the man bathed Drake he noticed there was a mark near his neck, so he scrubbed it till Drake's skin turned red and he stopped for a while. This time when he tried to scrub it the little mark wiggled and this made the man jump back "Oh my god....what are you" the man said then bolted from the house leaving Drake crying and naked in the bathroom for hours until his mother found and clothed him.

    From the day the father figure in his life left him Drake never spoke and his eyes, once brown, were now an icy blue, most likely due to him getting more ill or a mutation that can be blamed on his Bount heritage, and this made his mother happy since her husband never returned and Drake's unusual eyes reminded her of a strange but beautiful place in her mind. Jenny kept Drake company but he never spoke, he went to the academy and passed top of his class but no one ever heard his voice except his mother when he would talk, twist and turn in his sleep then wake up crying and chanting, "No not mommy," and this continued for five more years. That is when Drake’s mother was murdered by the man he call father for five years, the exact same man that left him ten years ago had kill his mother in cold blood right in front of him then he turned to Drake we a sinister grin and his hands were soaked in blood, "My son come give your old dad a hug." Drake walked to the man and just at the guy was about to burry a blade into Drake’s back the man’s body froze as a serpent like creature rose from Drake's hand and smiled "I AM FREE!!!!" The serpent hissed and wrapped around the man's neck "And you are my next meal" it smiled and drained all of the mans life force very quickly. Drake looked at the serpent with stern, commanding eyes and the serpent sighed "Yesss my lord" it hissed again and wrapped around Drake's body like a huge tattoo. "From this day forth I have no family and few friend......but everyone else shall be my enemy." Thus Drake, The Shadow Manipulator was born; he travels the world in hopes of finding others like him. His violent actions caught the attention of many nations, and by the time he was 18, becoming known as the Dark Assassin.}

    _♦_ Rp Sample:{ "Jenny I'm leaving" Drake says as he stuffs clothes into a small old bag then turns to face the teary eyed 14 year old girl. "B-But why Drake...I thought you lo..." she was cut off as Drake pulled her into a hug then whispered into her ear "I love you...I really do but I can’t Stay and you can't follow me," he said in a calm soothing voice. She couldn't speak. She could fathom life without Drake, the one and only boy she ever loved. He backed away slowly then kissed her deeply as a single tear feel from his eye. She breaks out into tears "Oh Drake why...why must you leave?' she asked. He looked at her "My parents....are dead" he said with a cold tone. She looked confused for a while then gasped " didn't kill them did you" she whispered. He just sighed "He killed my mother....he deserved to die." She sighed "Will I see you again." He looked away "Lets Hope so" he says as he walks out of the room leaving Jenny with a picture of them as kids laughing and playing.

    Drake sighs "That was three years ago" he says and he lifts his hand. When his palm was inches from his face a serpent-like tattoo slithered up and spoke "I sense strong souls....they are approaching fast from your right." Drake grinned, "So they have found me," he laughed and turned to the right to face three low level shinigami "The Soul Society, I presume?" The orange -haired man looked at Drake "And you’re Drake Nightingale...the Bount of Shadows we heard so much about." Drake grinned, "Yeah that's me and I'm guessing you want to destroy me, right?" The men and women looked at each other and suddenly charged Drake. He shook his head in disappointment and places his hands on the ground. At that instant black hands reach from their shadows and slowly began to drag them into a shadowy doom. He walked up to the leader as he was being pulled to his demise, “Nice try, but I hope your souls taste better than the last batch of Soul Reapers.” Drake smiled and walked away as the group disappeared into their shadows.

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    Perverted Kayla Kitty

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    Re: Drake Nightingale

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