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    Zilos Ressurection


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    Zilos Ressurection

    Post  Zilo on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:23 am

    Zanpakuto Information

    Zanpakuto Looks:

    Zanpakuto Manifestation: Yin and Yang

    Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Remember Odio
    Released Zanpakuto Looks: This is a slightly different appearance. In this form he has a half white half black suit. His whole left side is black besides for his skin and eyes. His whole right side is the opposite. Even though his name is white demon he also has the nickname Ying yang for his appearance in ressurection. His white gloves remain white beside one of them tunrning black so is his shoes. Though most do not notice it he has a different style of fighting he actually plans out things before he attacks.His hair is still the same but half white and half black.

    Segunda Etapa:
    I don't need Segunda
    Other Abilities Information:

    template for ability techniques:
    Name: Cero

    State: Both

    Description: Cero-A small energy concentrated blast that almost all hollows can use. Most common cero color is red. Zilo cero color is a white color when he uses it. He charges the cero in the pont of his finger it is as strong as a gran rey cero. But unfortuanately with this he can only use a normal cero. Because of its power he is restricted from learning Gran rey cero.Again thanks to its power Zilo cero consumes more energy then a normal one. Thous lowering the amount of times he can use it.

    Name: Bala

    State: Normal

    Description: Bala is a high concentrated enrgy that forms in a circle. this is not as strong as cero but the speed of it is certainly faster then that of a normal one. Zilo has learned to increase the strength of it but also lowering its speed by a little bit. Causing it not to be as fast as a normal bala but certainly a lot stronger then a normal one.

    Name: Cero Oscuras

    State: Both

    Description: When using this technique, Zilo concentrates his vast spiritual energy with only his index finger into an condensed white Cero with great might. The result of being used in his released state is a much greater Cero, exceeding even Gran Rey Cero, the ultimate Cero, and has been referred to as "an Espada's fully-powered Cero." When fired, it covers any exposed light into absolute pitch darkness. The Cero Oscuras's range is vast, and is mighty enough to completely shatter Ichigo Kurosaki's Hollow mask (something Gran Rey Cero couldn't do) Shown by Ulqiorra , critically injuring him in the process, and strong enough to destroy half of the dome over Las Noches. Since Zilo normal Cero was stronger then the original so is his Cero Oscuras. But he can only use it twice in a fight due to its over powerful damage.

    Name: Yin Yang Oscuras

    State: Resurrection.

    Description: Yin Yang oscuras is a different type of cero oscuras they can only be used in resurrection form. Because the require the black and white blades. The black one is fired off weaker then the white one. The white cero is fired right after it causing most likely a distraction.
    post:1 cooldown:10
    Name: Guess.

    State: Resurrection

    Description: When this activates the other user is caught in a field of a game. They must guess a number from 1-10. I will pm sarah the number before i use this game. The guesser has 5 tries to guess the right number after the fifth try the user will die.

    Post=5 turns 20 turn cool down.
    Perverted Kayla Kitty

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    Re: Zilos Ressurection

    Post  Perverted Kayla Kitty on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:42 am


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