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    Kovu, Azira - Neko Child [Complete]

    Perverted Kayla Kitty

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    Kovu, Azira - Neko Child [Complete]

    Post  Perverted Kayla Kitty on Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:58 pm

    †[Insert Name]†

    ‡The Basics‡
    ~the beginning of creation starts here.~

    _♦_ First Name: Azira
    _♦_ Middle Name:
    _♦_ Surname: Kovu
    _♦_ Gender: Female
    _♦_ Age: 15 {{18}}
    _♦_ Species: Neko
    _♦_ Occupation: World of the Living
    _♦_ Rank: Niente (None)
    _♦_ Sexual Orientation: Straight


    _♦_ Hair: Azira's hair is a dark brown, layered and left to be messy but nice to look at. Bangs cover her forehead nearly all the way across and her hair falls in a strange way. The hair at the front, framing her face, are shortest, while the hair in the very back are the longest, reaching her mid back. It's cut so that the length extends the farther back you go.
    _♦_ Eyes: Her eyes are the colour of the leaves of the trees in the deepest parts of jungles, ripe green. With a smile always on her face, her eyes are never sad nor are they hiding any other emotion. They are the key point to reading her, where as her face is always keeping a happy smile on to hide any disturbance in her demeanor.
    _♦_ Skin: Her complexion is a creamy light tan, her cheeks a little rosier then the rest of her. If Azira were to blush it would be harder to see then on most people.
    _♦_ Height: She stands at a short height of five foot two inches, basically a midget around most other women and most men too.
    _♦_ Weight: She is barely one hundred ten pounds at the most and looks like she weighs less. Though instead of making her look unhealthy it makes her look cute.
    _♦_ Usual Style of Clothing: She usually wears high school styled skirts with stocking ish socks that come up to her mid thigh. She has on a cute little t-shirt with a cartoon on the front, doesn't really change day for day. Always the same cat theme. She also wears a tan-ish-orange and grayish-black jacket that goes with her breed of neko. On her feet are a pair of Japanese sandals or a pair of black dress shoes.
    _♦_ Other: In her hair she wears a black and orange headband that is supposed to be like her tail but it is sort of a fail copy. Her is larger then most kitty cats, tipped with black with tiger rings stripping the orange beneath. Her ears atop her head are just a plain orange without any stripes.


    _♦_ Personality: Azira can be counted on to brighten up even the saddest little emo kid's life. Her bright smile and happy-go-lucky view on life, not to mention her optimistic attitude towards practically everything, is usually what someone needs to keep their day going. There are the rare few people that do not work into her charming happiness and it brings her sadness when they can't. She tries to be friends with everyone, whether they want to be friends or not.
    Though Azira seems like one of the most innocent people when you first come across her, and any other time before, she can be quite dark. The key to bringing out her dark side, is to get her horny. Like the fierce feline she should be, she likes to be dominate more then she likes to be recessive in bed. There are times though when she turns into a little kitty and someone else gets to be dominant.
    _♦_ Likes:
    • Sleeping
    • Playing with butterflies/yarn/mice
    • Freedom
    • Being without a master
    • Bondage
    • Reading
    • Singing

    _♦_ Dislikes:
    • Snow
    • Large dogs
    • Dark
    • Spiders
    • Clowns
    • Distasteful attitudes
    • Fighting
    • Snakes

    _♦_ Bad Habits: The occasional cigarette pops up when she gets too stressed.


    _♦_ Date of Birth: July 3rd
    _♦_ Time Origin: Current (Assuming this is the 22nd century)
    _♦_ Origin World: Earth
    _♦_ Parentage: Parents Unknown {Assumed to be dead}
    _♦_ Siblings: Siblings Unknown {Assumed to be dead or non-existant}
    _♦_ History: When she had her memory, Azira was raised as a preachers daughter. She was the most liked of all the children in her neighborhood even though she hated them all. When people would ask her why she was so rude all the time when everyone was so nice, she would simply state, "Because they ARE being rude. They like me because I'm the daughter of the most powerful man in town, not because I'm me. In my eyes that IS being rude." The adults would call her a child that didn't know what she was talking about and she would roll her eyes and continue on with what she was doing.
    At thirteen, Azira was betrothed to the most dreadful man, quite a few years older than her. Her father believed that she was of the age that she should have children and become a woman. A day before the wedding, Azira ran away from home, leaving all her belongings there and leaving with the man she truly loved named Hiro Nekozawa. Hiro was sick at the time and Azira didn't know how to take care of him. So once Azira and Hiro found a place to stay five towns away, Azira hired a doctor. The doctor treated Hiro but told Azira there was nothing she could do for him and that he had at least two years to live. This news only brought Azira and Hiro closer and together they lived until Azira's seventeenth birthday when Hiro finally died. Azira was too distressed to do anything, she had gotten hopeful when Hiro had lived two years more than he was supposed to and had allowed herself to get pregnant. So, with a child burden five month belly and no husband, Azira lived as a widow until the baby was born and she gave it to her sister, who was the only one who knew about Azira's whereabouts. On Azira's eighteenth birthday, Azira was walking home from the store when a man with a gun ran up to the manically depressed young neko and tried to take her purse. Stubborn even when unhappy, Azira shook her head and wouldn't give it up and ended up getting shot and nearly killed.
    After Azira awoke in the hospital, bandaged and healing, she changed. She had lost all of her memories from before the hospital and was becoming a carefree individual. She attempted to leave the hospital, believing she was perfectly fine and had nothing wrong with her. The nurses and doctors protested, trying to tell her she was not alright when Azira convinced them to remove her bandages and check. They were astounded, the young tiger neko was healed. They released her, allowing her to set off on her own. Since then she has wandered the world, always finding herself back at the city.

    _♦_ Rp Sample: I'm Neon Kusajishi. Look there.[/color]

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